Why Blogging is a Business But Also Fun!

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I have decided here at R&R to do a series of posts on blogging and try to keep up with it. All the changes in blogging, why blogging is fun, how to start a blog and should you?  I think it’s important not only for those blogging (doing what we love) but to share how we got started, why we love it, and what it truly means.

When I started out almost four years ago, gosh hard to believe it’s been that long.  I started blogging as a way to connect with other parents raising a child with special needs.  It was a very difficult time in my life. I had to quit working to take care of my son who was born with mild Cerebral Palsy, Sensory Processing Disorder and Early onset Bipolar Disorder.  I had a lot of my plate at the time, and blogging gave me an outlet, a way to connect with others in a way that I couldn’t in my day-to-day life.

As time went on, I found myself diving more into blogging not just as a journal or way to connect, but also a way to share. Share my opinion on things, such as: products I use every day that I thought other moms and dads would want to know about. I don’t know about you but as a consumer, I always find myself hopping online to read reviews on items I wish to buy before buying them.

[stextbox id=”custom”]The Internet is like a huge book of knowledgable information, fun and entertainment, silly pictures, great ideas and a resource that I have found extremely useful. I wanted to be a part of that. A part of something special, and that is what blogging means to me. It’s a way for me to leave a little imprint of myself. And let’s face it, none of us want to be forgotten in life. Perhaps blogging is a way for me leave something of myself behind.[/stextbox]

So why is your blog a business?

business-blogging-tipsI get asked this question more times than I care to answer. The answer is actually simple. Nothing in life is for free. As my blog began to grow, so did the opportunities which I was blessed enough to bring forward to my readers here. If it wasn’t for my amazing and incredible sponsors, I’d never be able to share products with you that I use and test myself that I think you will love, and the giveaways for all of you to enter so you can win some great stuff, too!  I mean we all love winning free stuff, right?

However, as much fun as all these things are, blogging is still like everything else NOT FREE!  It takes money to keep a blog going. It starts with hosting, buying a domain that is yours (address where your blog lives) and setting up your blog with a designer or theme or template.  But goes beyond that.

As your blog grows you will need to keep these things going, which means – ADVERTISING!  And as I continued my journey as a blogger, doing product reviews and giveaways, sharing my life here with all of you. I also realized that as my numbers grew, my popularity grew, I could no longer blog simply for free.  Blogging takes time and time is worth something. My time is important. So is yours. It takes time to do up a post, share it with readers, engage online.  It all takes a lot of time.

[stextbox id=”custom”]When you get past realizing you are blogging not as a hobby but as a business, helping to make money for others. It’s then you realize the value of yourself and that value is worth its weight in GOLD!  That is something I have realized this year as my blog has officially become my business![/stextbox]

Blogging is fun, but yes it’s also a business.  It is for me and many other bloggers who have moved past blogging being a hobby and turned into something else. Something more special, a way to be influencers in our areas of ability and share not only our personal experiences, but those of the companies we work for.

The most important part of blogging to me is (YOU GUYS) my readers. Why? Because without you, although I would still continue to blog, I would not grow as much. It’s through my readers opinions on the things I write about, products I’m sharing, content I hope changes some, I have learned how blessed I am.  You guys make me a better blogger. It’s because of you that I’m also able to say my blog is MY BUSINESS and earn a living doing what I love. That’s pretty incredible in my books!

InNetwork connecting advertisers and influencers

InNetwork is just one way that we here at R&R are able to bring quality advertising to our readers. Like I mentioned above, advertising helps to keep a blog going. But it’s the type of advertising that becomes important to a blogger.  InNetwork has the largest list of high-quality influencers around.  It’s a way Brands can reach out and find the right fit for their company, and we as bloggers get assurance that we are working with companies that are a valuable resource not just for us — but also you!

As I continue to blog I hope you understand my main goal is bring you quality information, posts that help and inspire you. No matter which company or brands I work for, you can always rest assured I take the time I need to make sure it’s a right fit for my blog and a right fit for my readers.  Because let’s face it. As a blogger I need advertising to keep this blog going, but without my audience I’d have nothing to blog about. So together we are all important to one another.

Thanks for reading!


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