What I love and hate about being a dad to a tween

Well this one should seem pretty easy to do but, some how i don’t think it will be since remembering what I love or hate about anything is nearly impossible. Still >>> here we go!


I love the fact that he can get his own food and use the microwave to heat it up.

I hate the fact that he still asks how long to heat things up for and which buttons to push when they are right in front of him. Come on kid >>> look!

I love the fact that he loves his little brothers so much.

I hate the fact that he complains about his little brothers so much. “Hey you wanted them!”

I love how imaginative he is.

I hate the fact that he complains about being bored or there is nothing to do. “Are you serious?”

I love it that he asks if he can help all the time.

I hate when he complains when we ask him to do something like it is the end of the world and we are mongers turning him into a slave of chores. “You’re getting paid for these chores kid. Mom won’t even give me a dollar for Timmies!”

I love that he is loyal to his family.

I hate how he runs for cover the moment he does something wrong and is so quick to blame his brother like I’m stupid or something and don’t know what he’s doing. I might not remember kid but I have eyes and I can see! Jeez!

I love how great he is to watch when he’s playing ice hockey in net. Makes me proud.

I hate that he thinks he knows everything and I know nothing because it’s not like his old man has ever put on a pair of skates. I grew up in Prince George for crying-out-loud!

I love how easy it is to love him, his personality and humor that makes me laugh.

I hate how emotional he gets. “You are not a girl. Stop the hormones man and grow some …”  (This sentance was not finished because I just got smacked by the wife… sorry guys.

I love how proud I am that as a step dad to JJ he was my first son. How he let me into his life with no fears or reservations.

I hate that he cries and wonders what he did wrong for his sperm donor of a father to hate him. “Nothing buddy… your dad is a jerk and doesn’t know what an incredible kid you are!”

I love that he’s all boy, farting, burping, asking about sex, wanting honesty and comes to me for advice.

I hate that he farts on me, burps at me and tells everyone he knows the advice I’ve given him.

Thanks kid!

Note: I love you JJ. You are my son (blood doesn’t matter) because it is what is in my heart that makes you mine even if we don’t always get along. I’m proud to be your dad. Proud of who you are and feel blessed God chose your mom and you for me and that you gave me a chance to love you guys.



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