Ultimate Blog Party 2013

Ultimate Blog Party 2013

It’s time again for friends to mingle and kick back, relax and win some amazing prizes, share our social networks and get to know one another. It’s time once again for the Ultimate Blog Party 2013!

A Little About Me…


For those of you new here to R&R – my name is Jodi and I’m a mom of two boys, one with special needs. I am married to my best friend and partner (FD Forget Dad) we call him that because basically he goes to bed every night and forgets everything from the day before. Kinda like “50 first dates” yep- that’s my life.

Oh don’t feel sorry for me. Being married to a man who actually does forget everything has it’s perks. For instance… I get extra anniversary presents because I simply tell him he forgot to get something. I can screw up and he doesn’t remember it, so I NEVER hit the dog house. And you can’t argue with someone who has a brain injury because well – I’m always right. He has no idea what took place soooooooooooo…. LOL

Joking aside, FD is my rock and my very best friend. We’ve been married 8 years and despite sleeping in separate beds, due to his disabilities, we dance in the living room, still kiss on Friday nights like teenagers, and enjoy each and every moment life throws at you.

What I Blog About…

I blog about a little of everything. Mostly I share the ups and downs of raising a child with SPD (Sensory Processing Disorder) and Bipolar Disorder mixed with mild Cerebral Palsy.

I also blog about family life, parenting, what’s on tv (because I’m a huge Idol fan and love my shows like Bates Motel, Once Upon A Time & Criminal Minds.

I’m a Canadian Brand Ambassador, so YES I work with companies to offer my social influence and love doing product reviews and giveaways for my readers here.  So if you are Canadian and want to win some extra stuff by all means ENTER TO WIN!

Party on Dude…

I hope to get to each and every blog from the Ultimate Blog Party 2013, before the 12th which is when the party is over. I hope to make new friends. I’m glad you dropped by. And if you want to participate in the UBP13 it’s super easy. Do up a blog (party post) like this one on your website and then link up at Party Central so others can find you.

To make it easy for others to follow me. My links are below. Just in case you miss me at the Party Hub because there are so many great blogs and websites to visit and see!

Oh and leave me a comment if you want. I use comment luv, so share your posts so others can find you!

My Info:


TWITTER: @rantsnrascals

PINTEREST: http://pinterest.com/rantsnrascals

GPLUS: http://gplus.to/rants


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  1. Wow your busy busy and I can't even imagine what its like with your husband's condition.

    Nice to 'meet' you from the Ultimate Blog Party!

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