Top 10 wordpress plugins I can’t live without

wordpress-pluginWhen it comes to WordPress aside from loving Genesis and the themes, the other thing that tickles my geek fancy are all the plugins out there available to us website owners, designers and bloggers.  You can get plugins for recipes, social networks, cleaning the links on your site and more.  I love plugins, but a rule of thumb is not to use too many as they can slow your site down.

Here are my top 9 plugins I just can’t live without!

1.) Ad Squares Widget – This little plugin makes it easy to add your affiliates, sponsors, advertising buttons to your sidebar, placing them neatly in 125 by 125 squares.  Simply upload your photos to photobucket and then copy the url to the ad square and you are done.

2.) Broken Link Checker – This handy little tool checks your entire website and posts for any links that become broken. In time urls change and people delete things. This helps keep your posts fresh, giving you the option to redirect, change the url or simply unlink.

3.) Comment Luv – Something every blogger should have in my opinion. Comment luv allows your readers who are leaving comments to showcase their latest posts for others to enjoy. I also love it because it helps me visit other people which we all forget to do. Share the love, share the comments.

4.) Grunion Contact Form – There are so many contact forms out there and believe me I’ve tried a lot of them. Contact Me, Vcita and many more. But I am sticking with this basic and simple contact form anyone can use without having to know html or php for WordPress. Grunion makes it easy. Plus I wanted a contact form that would directly email me when someone is requesting something.

5.) Outbound Link Manager – Control your links how you want them. This plugin specifically deals with “nofollow” vs “dofollow” something a review blogger needs. It is easy to set up and use. Just click which url links you want to be either do or no follow and that’s it. This plugin works site-wide so you can control all your posts in one shot.

6.) Related Content By Wordnik – Another related content plugin, this one is my favorite because you can control the style and look. I love that my related posts are horizontal and not vertical and I can control the size and content from within the plugin.  You can also showcase related content web wide, and you get emails showcasing how users are engaging with your posts.

7.) Triberr – Okay this one is so very important to me. I use Triberr as most of us do. So what does the Triberr plugin do? It sends your posts immediately to triberr once they are published so you don’t have to refresh or deal with your content not making it to your tribes.  You can also approve your tribes posts from your wordpress dashboard which helps me when I don’t remember to login.

8.) Twitter @Anywhere Plus – Help connect your @twitter to your readers. I often use @twitternames in my review and with @Anywhere Plus my readers don’t have to leave my website to visit them, they can simply hover on the link and a box pops up allowing them to like the twitter user. This helps to keep readers on my site and is a useful tool when doing reviews and sharing brands twitter accounts.

Note: It says @Anywhere hasn’t been updated in 2 years but the plugin is still stable and I’m still using it.

9.) Sharexy – There are so many sharing plugins allowing readers to share the content on your website (your posts) but this one is by far the best and I love using it. I love it has different designs but mostly I love that it has pinterest included in the sharing format which nowadays is important.

Plugins can help make your website grow and easier to manager. Which plugins do you find useful or use on your blog?

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  1. Thank you SO much for these! So helpful. So much I still have to learn. I installed the broken link checker and it came up with 147 which appear to be all issues with comments from my switchover from Blogger to WP. Should I unlink them? I certainly don't want to delete my comments!

  2. I agree about the comment luv. I always appreciate it when I see it. Some great plug ins I have never heard of too… off to explore. Thanks!

  3. I'm on blogger so there is some overlap with these kind of plug ins but not all of them. I really like the Twitter Anywhere Plus. I'll have to see if there is something similiar for Blogger 🙂

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