I Don’t Have a Traumatic Brain Injury Said The Man Who Can’t Remember

  The conversation always starts the same when someone wants to know about my husband and I. Corey goes to sleep every night and forgets what happened the day before. … [Read more...]

Dividing the line: Coping with Caring for a Person with a TBI

"You have the most amazing husband in the world." I hear this all the time from people, and you know what?  They are right, I do. However that being said, there is so much … [Read more...]

Mommy why does daddy forget? parenting with a brain injury

"Mommy why does daddy forget things?" It's a question I'm not alarmed by, especially from my five-year old. Answering however is a whole more difficult.  Daddy has a brain … [Read more...]

TBI Traumatic Brain Injury and Marriage: Life with Corky

My husband Corky has a TBI Traumatic Brain Injury, and is the most wonderful person I know, not despite his disabilities, but because of his disabilities.Life with "Corky" … [Read more...]

Loving A Person With A Brain Injury

Okay so today didn't go so well in the world of love and marriage. Fighting is never fun but it's something that does happen occasionally here in the Shaw household, … [Read more...]