Mom you’ve been replaced: Teen Chronicles

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Life Lessons from My Teenage Son – Jessica Davis

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Should Parents allow Teenage Sleepovers?

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Why setting up a bank account is important for your teen

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When your teen starts dating: a parent’s role

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When Your Child Becomes A Teen

Last week was a bit of rough week for me. I had kind of a melt down, smack dab in the kitchen before breakfast. I told my son how I've been feeling kinda lost, like I'm losing … [Read more...]

I Hate Having a Teenager

He walks down the stairs, taller than me, hovering over me as he gives me a morning hug. He smells -- musty and a little dirty at times. He's sweaty because he's been outside … [Read more...]

Why It’s Important to Teach Kids A Level of Respect Online

I let my kids go on the computer. I have to, really. I mean now in this day and age, the kids go to computer lab at least three times a week in public school if not more, and … [Read more...]

Talking to your teen about Bullying

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