Today She Would Have Been 35: Happy Birthday Tanya

Today my sister-in-law would have 35 years old. She would have been taking her 3-year-old to pre-school, relishing in the joys of his finger paintings and … [Read more...]

Dealing With Death The Impossible Goal

It's been 9 weeks since my sister-in-law passed away, and lately I've been thinking about her a lot! I miss her so much. More than that though, I'm having a hard time dealing … [Read more...]

In Memory of Tanya Nicholls Maude

As a blogger, I've shared many stories on heart break, parenting, loss, love and marriage, causes and charities to help spread the word for something I believed in and wanted … [Read more...]

11 yr old boy Dustin MacKenzie dies in longboard accident: The Importance of wearing a helmet!

It's every mother's worst nightmare. You wake one day and learn your child has been in an accident. No vehicle, pedestrians or anything else involved -- just a horrible … [Read more...]

Putting an animal down is hard on children

Okay I need to rant a little here.  I'm so angry and frustrated right now.  After spending hours and hours on the phone, talking with one veterinarian after another, I can … [Read more...]