Kindermom Summer Smiles, Adventures and Fun

  It's hard to believe we parents here in BC are still playing the wait game. Two days before school is suppose to start and we still don't have any answers yet. It's … [Read more...]

Kindermom Canada Day and Summer Fun!

The weather here in the fraser valley is heating up. Canada Day we reached a record high of 33 degrees, hot and the summer fun took charge. And man does it ever feel so great. … [Read more...]

Egg Hunt, Coloring and Tips for Baskets #KinderMom

Easter is just hopping around the corner and I'm loving it as a mom, despite the weather being less than cooperative with rain. It won't stop us from enjoying a traditional … [Read more...]

Kinder Canada’s A Joy to Share

The tree is finally up.  Blinking lights shine in the corner of our new living room, while the wind gusts -13 below outside, my chimes ringing out like bells at a church.  You … [Read more...]

What Happens When You Crack An Egg & Find A Superhero?

In our house Halloween is never complete without some Kinder fun!  And we are super stoked for being chosen to be a KinderMom again this year, because this year KinderCanada … [Read more...]

All Monsters Allowed! Kindermom

My son is terrified of the dark and scared of monsters. So much in fact he has a sign on his door that says: No Monsters Allowed!  So when he saw Monsters University was … [Read more...]

What Makes My Son Unique

  From the moment he was born I knew that my son Trace was special, unique and wonderful. It's been a long seven years, in an out of therapies, occupational, speech, … [Read more...]

Egg-citing news from Kinder Canada

It's hard to believe that Easter is just around the corner, and each year our family loves this time of year!  Hunting for eggs, sweet delicious chocolate, waiting patiently … [Read more...]

What Happens When Barbie Gets Behind A Hot Wheel?

Nothing makes my boys happier than the sweet yummy treats of Kinder Surprise!  The creamy milk chocolate that melts in your mouth goes a long way to pick my depressing days … [Read more...]

kinder SURPRISE 2013 Toy Collection

Every month I will be posting about the new 2012/2013 Kinder Surprise Eggs and all the new surprises they have in store for us. This is my second year being a #KinderMom … [Read more...]