Kellogg’s Tries to Reverse Hunger For School Kids #FeedingBetterDays

I'm super happy to be teaming up with Kellogg’s Canada for their #FeedingBetterDays program to fight against kids going hungry in school. I created the video below … [Read more...]

Kellogg’s Canada Gets You Back To School Ready #KelloggsBTS

Kellogg's Canada Brand Publisher Both my boys are ready for back to school in two short days. One is excited. The other is nervous. One is going into grade five. The … [Read more...]

Kellogg’s Strawberry Ice Cream Pie

Brand Publisher | Kellogg's Canada Mmmmmmmm we love yummy desserts. There's nothing like strawberries and Kellogg's Rice Crispies mixed together for a berry … [Read more...]

Kelloggs Brings Comfort Food Home Using All-Bran #kelloggers

One of the hottest food trends this fall is "comfort food" -- a healthy, upscale and modern approach to cooking and Kellogg's All-Bran is making it easy for consumers to … [Read more...]

Fuel Your Day With Kellogg’s Vector #giveaway

Mornings in our house are always hectic. Kids get up and always want to eat something. For hubby and I thought it's never a choice of what to eat but why. I hate breakfast, I … [Read more...]

Find Your Surprise Inside Boxes of Kellogg’s Cereal This Spring! #kelloggers

Growing up, one of my favorite things to do at breakfast was to fight with my brother's over the surprise inside the box of Kellogg's cereal. It was always something cool to … [Read more...]

Kelloggs’s Mini Wheats: Get Warm, Try it Hot and Enter to Win This Kellogg’s Prize Pack! #TryItHot

It's Spring! The birds are chirping, the bees are buzzing, but the weather has yet to catch up with the season. Kellogg's has a great way for you to stay warm on those … [Read more...]

Kelloggs Help Kids in Need #ToysforTreats

With the holiday season approaching, it's common for most of us to think about what gifts we are going to buy for our kids, our family members, friends and those we love. But … [Read more...]

Get Back to School Snacking with Kellogg’s #BTS Giveaway

  Here in British Columbia we parents are still on the fence waiting for our kids to go Back to School. Many children however are heading back this week, enjoying full … [Read more...]

Kelloggs Peanut Butter Cookie Recipe!

One of my favorite cookies growing up as a kid was Peanut Butter cookies. My mom made the very best ones. I remember her rolling the dough into balls, sprinkling it in sugar, … [Read more...]

Wake up with Kellogg’s and Start Your Day Right!

My kids love starting their day with Kellogg's. Trace's favorite cereal for the past two and half years is Frosted Flakes. Offer him that over any high sugar cereal and he'll … [Read more...]

Kellogg’s Special K Protein Products

  After Thanksgiving is usually the time I begin to have thoughts of upping my exercise. It's too cold to walk (at least for me) regularly, so I usually hit up a … [Read more...]

Start your morning with Kellogg’s Special K

In our house breakfast is the most important part of our day and we try very hard to make sure the boys eat before running out the door to school, filling their tummy's with … [Read more...]

My son is crazy for Kelloggs Krave cereal!

  My youngest son, Trace who has SPD (Sensory Processing Disorder) is quite finicky when it comes to cereal. He only likes one kind and that is Kellogg's Frosted … [Read more...]

We celebrated Halloween rice crispy style!

Well Halloween has come and gone and this year at the Shaw house we had a blast with all the festivities, despite some of us battling this nasty cold going around. Both FD … [Read more...]

Kelloggs Chocolate Nut Treat Recipe!

Coming up with unique recipes to keep the boys motivated in our home, isn't always easy. Growing boys get tired of eating the same thing, but not tired of eating. That's … [Read more...]