Boxing Week Round-Up Gifts That Keep Giving for 2016

Christmas is over but the deals are still flying off the shelves, and people are flocking to the streets to spend those holiday gift cards they received from Santa. But how do … [Read more...]

Feeling The Christmas Crunch and Bahumbugs All Around Me

Follow my blog with Bloglovin The snow is falling. The roads are slippery but manageable. It's one more day until Christmas and our house is buzzing with excitement. Though … [Read more...]

Mark & Colleen Donnelly Bring Christmas Cheer To a Good Cause For The Fraser Valley

We know him as Mr. O Canada. The man who performs the national anthem before the start of every Vancouver Canucks game, getting the crowd involved as hockey lovers and fans … [Read more...]

Being Thankful and Reflecting on Life

It's hard to believe Thanksgiving is this weekend, and along with it my 43 rd birthday. Yikes!  Actually, to tell you the truth being in my 40's has't been so bad. The … [Read more...]

2016 Christmas Gift Guide Submissions Now Open

Our Holiday Gift Guide Runs All Year Long! Get Your Product Seen!  Our Holiday gift guide is unlike any other because it stays running on our site all year long. … [Read more...]

Sticker Kid Labels, Décor & Fun #stickers

I love labels. Not just because they help to organize and put a name to what belongs to who, but labels are a way to help keep things where you need them. Over the years many … [Read more...]

North Pole BC’s Festival of Christmas #giveaway

During the holiday season before the kids are even out of school, I notice how ancy my son gets. His mind focused on Santa coming, I'm always on the look out for places to … [Read more...]

Canada Day: Recipe Round-up!

Canada Day is on Tuesday and one thing I love about Canada Day is all the delicious and yummy recipes. So today I'm going to showcase a round-up of our favorites for you to … [Read more...]

Ring in the holidays at Lougheed Town Center

If you haven't done it yet, you just have to check out the malls located in the lower mainland. Each one is decorated differently and offers different approaches to the … [Read more...]

Bring Home Despicable Me 2 for the Holidays

I'm celebrating. Are you celebrating?  How can you not celebrate?  Despicable Me 2 is officially being released today!  That's right DM2 hits the stores this very morning you … [Read more...]

Holiday Gift Basket Giveaway ~ A Pampering Treat!

I love getting goodies in the mail?  Don't you?  I also love pampering myself (like that ever happens) but still a girl can dream, can't she? Well my good friends at Brill … [Read more...]

How to save money over the holidays

With the holidays fast approaching one theme I've noticed among friends and family is everywhere people are trying to save money and not spend so much this holiday season. Why … [Read more...]

Thanksgiving message for our readers

It's time to give thanks. That's right, once again we celebrate our weekend of thinking back on all the blessings we have in our life as we celebrate Thanksgiving!  Usually I … [Read more...]

We’re Canceling Christmas! BAHUMBUG

  No we are not the Kranks!  We aren't secretly trying to jet off to some tropical island to avoid the chilly BC weather, or relatives we don't want to see. … [Read more...]