When Someone You Love Is Being Hurt

I haven't written in a bit as I've been a bit down and out lately, dealing with the pain in my hip and my memory problems. I hope everyone is having a great September and I … [Read more...]

Mommy why does daddy forget? parenting with a brain injury

"Mommy why does daddy forget things?" It's a question I'm not alarmed by, especially from my five-year old. Answering however is a whole more difficult.  Daddy has a brain … [Read more...]

Tempting Fate & Riding a Motorcycle Again

My wife told me to write up this post. Throw it out there to all your guys on your thoughts about what is bothering me.  She said our readers have opinions and will share … [Read more...]

I’ll admit it, my wife is my best friend

I know I'm breaching man territory here with this confession. I mean US guys don't normally come out and admit our hearts emotions. That makes us PUSSY'S, doesn't it? … [Read more...]

My Celtic cross tattoo by fantum scratch

  It's a big decision, getting a tattoo. It's a decision a person has to make for themselves and should never be done on a whim or because of peer pressure or when … [Read more...]