Being Thankful and Reflecting on Life

It's hard to believe Thanksgiving is this weekend, and along with it my 43 rd birthday. Yikes!  Actually, to tell you the truth being in my 40's has't been so bad. The … [Read more...]

Easter Egg Co-op Fun 2014

I love Easter time. Egg hunts are our favorite, especially for me watching the kids have fun while they search for eggs all around. Each year the co-op we live in does an … [Read more...]

There is a light at the end of the tunnel

Yes there is a light.  I can see it and it's not off in the distance, it's close by.  So close I almost touch it.  We got new we are finally going to move on Sunday, after … [Read more...]

The Search for a New Home

I love my townhouse. 4 bedrooms, lots of space, nice back yard that is totally fenced in, huge kitchen, two bathrooms, dining room and office.  And the best part is I only pay … [Read more...]

Welcome my new nephew to the world!

I don’t post about my (family) very often, meaning my mom, dad, cousins and you probably didn’t even know I have two brothers.  I think it’s because they are very private … [Read more...]

Weekend wrap up: maybe i bit off more than i can chew

The weekend is over - thank God because frankly it was a busy one.  On Friday night we had a game (hockey) for JJ.  That was also the night I took Trace skating for the first … [Read more...]