Abbotsford Senior Secondary School Stabbing Hits Close to Home

It was after school. I was in my pajamas because I hadn't been feeling well. Was that another police car? Something was going on. I sat outside. The rain pouring down like … [Read more...]

How finding the right school can make a difference to a child’s life!

It was just over two months ago now that I wrote a post about my 8 yr old son not wanting to go to school.  The battles we have had this year have been horrible, … [Read more...]

When Education and Going to School isn’t Enough

I kept my son home today. It's Friday. He's sleeping beside me right now, after a very long night. His emotions ran rampant yesterday, and on a scale of 1 - 10 for bad days … [Read more...]

Helping kids with special needs fit in at school

This past week at our house has been a huge merry-go-round. The week started off with our youngest son TAS not wanting to go to school.  Not only that but the melt-downs and … [Read more...]

Transitioning From Middle School to High School

My son is going into grade eight. He has only one more year of middle school before taking the leap to join the ranks of thousands of teens across Canada by entering high … [Read more...]

How sports can be important your child’s education

I am so proud of my son.  Last year was a tough year for JJ.  He struggled in elementary school with his subjects, often failing and no matter how hard we tried to motivate … [Read more...]