Preparing For the New Year Applying For The Disability Tax Credit For Your Child

How much do you know about the disability tax credit? I know that when my youngest son was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at 15 months old, I had no clue what the … [Read more...]

Fears of Being Different #CerebralPalsy

This week was a big week for Trace. He had POD presentations at school, and all week I had to listen to the contant droning of how he didn't want to do it. How he didn't want … [Read more...]

One step closer: parenting with a brain injury

Some days I feel like referee in my own home. Slap on a black and white striped shirt, and watch me as I blow the whistle and make sure everyone heads to their proper corners … [Read more...]

How LEGO helps kids with mobility issues

One thing about being a special needs mom is I'm always on the look out for toys that can help improve my son's mobility. Anything using his hands or fingers is important, to … [Read more...]

What is Normal?

  I hear it every time I'm out with my son.  Every time we encounter someone new who learns about him.  They look at him as though somehow if they look hard enough … [Read more...]