Teaching kids the importance of facing their fears

This is a conversation that I've had a million times with my now ten-year-old son afraid of the dark. Afraid to be alone. Afraid someone will come into the house to hurt him. … [Read more...]

5 Ways Negativity Can Affect Your Health

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Rant: Why I’m a Zombie Lately: Anxiety and Weight Loss

  I am so super tired. I mean my eyes are drooping, body wound up tight, can barely stare at the computer screen while blogging. And I feel like taking a nap every day … [Read more...]

Ready to launch, how stress is affecting my life

"Why don't you write about?"  FD says to me, as I lay in his arms bawling my head off for the millionth time this week. "I can't," I tell him. Our readers don't want to … [Read more...]