Nokia Lumia 635 Slim & Fun


When it comes to back to school one essential need in our household is a cell phone. So when my teenage son going into grade 10 asked me to upgrade his crappy phone, of course I said for sure. I believe a cell phone is important for any young person to have. Not only for protection, but as technology moves forward I wanted my son to have a cell phone to help make his daily life easier. Kind of like a mini agenda in his pocket. 

Now with Android and Apple battling for top phone spots. Of course my son wanted an Android. I surprised him with a phone that is more than just something fancy to look at. I gave him the Nokia 635 with a green back plate. And from the moment he took it out of the box, he hasn’t been able to put it down. 

Nokia has always had a long standing relationship in our house. Durability, quality, ease of use are the 3 main factors we look at when purchasing a new cell phone to help make our lives easier. And the Nokia 635 Windows based phone does not disappoint. In fact it supersedes all my son’s expectations, and now all his friends want one. Why?  Well Let’s take a look. 


I love TILES!  And now so does my son. Different from traditional cell phones with smaller icons, The Nokia 635 boasts large tiles you an manipulate, change colors on, transform and make the size you want on your screen. It puts everything you need at your fingertips, so you don’t have to go searching for what you want when you want by scrolling through endless screens of apps. Windows has devised an operating system that makes using your phone actually fun!


Let’s Talk Colors


Nokia gives users the option to choose different faceplates for their phone. The plates are durable and cover the back of the battery. They are easy to switch out and mix up. And you can match your color scheme on the phone itself. I think it’s cool being able to automatically shift up or change how your phone looks without adding a rom or an added app. With the Nokia 635 personalization is built in with many options to choose from.

Introducing  Windows 8.1 and Cortana

What I love the most about the Nokia 635 Windows phone is it really is about you and nothing more. It’s personal. And with the added addition of Cortana (character) based on Halo, now your Nokia 635 can do what you want when you want. And best of all Cortana actually works compared to other voice command systems. You can use her while texting or using your voice.

Best Phone- Best Price- and More Apps!


The Nokia 635 can be picked up for any carrier right now. And it’s one of the most affordable cell phones that is personal, useful and fun to have.  Plus do not think just because Apple has the iStore and Android has the Google market that Windows can’t compete. There are a few apps lacking such as banking apps, but you can always jump online to do that. You can engage in one hub with all your social networks. I love that idea. Pinterest, Youtube, Facebook and Twitter. And the Nokia has one of the best cameras built into a phone ever!

So if you are looking for a back to school phone for your son/daughter or a reliable, well built and personal phone for yourself that won’t break the bank and yet still do everything you want it to. Pick up the Nokia 635 today. You won’t be disappointed!  Next on my list is the Nokia 1020. Now I just have to get my hands on one as I truly believe all the Nokia phones are worth being mentioned in the cell phone market as true competitors to help make Canadians lives easier!


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  1. Great info on the Nokia 635. Looks like it’ll be a great starter phone at a great price! Thanks for laying out all the positive features!

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