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In our house breakfast is the most important part of our day and we try very hard to make sure the boys eat before running out the door to school, filling their tummy’s with good food to help their brain engage and be active throughout the day. Our mornings start with Kellogg’s.

Trace loves Frosted Flakes and has been eating nothing else for the past three years straight.  But Kellogg’s isn’t just about providing a nutritious breakfast. I love that they are helping our family make lunch times easier to deal with.

The boys love Kellogg’s Cracker Chips. My favorite is BBQ but the boys love the original and when they are craving a treat or a simple snack for their lunch bag, 5-8 chips in a ziploc and off they go!  Only 80 calories per 20 chips, they come in Original, Cheddar, Sour Cream & Onion, Bar-B-Q, and Zesty Southwest flavors.

There is nothing like a bowl of granola and yogurt – YUM!

Hubby is like me and doesn’t really enjoy a bowl of cereal in the morning. We are more night time cereal eaters. But when morning comes, my favorite thing to indulge in is Kellogg’s Special K Low Fat Granola. Clusters of whole grain oats and a touch of sweet honey, with 5 grams of fibre in each serving (54 g). Special K* Low Fat Granola cereal has 50% less fat per serving than the leading competitive granola (per 55 g serving).

They come in chocolate, too!

For after school when the boys get home, aside from the usual carrot sticks or a pickle that Trace indulges in, the boys are always hungry and want something to snack on.  Kellogg’s now offers snack bars that give a little something for everyone. The boys favorite — Special K* Strawberry Flavour Fruit Crisps.  100 calories per 2 crisps make them a great snack that won’t fill the kids up before supper.

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Kellogg’s sent my family this great starter pack so we could continue to enjoy these wonderful cereals and dessert snacks and treats. Kellogg’s Special K is helping our family meet our health goals for the year. You can set your own goals as well by visiting their website and create your own Special K.

Are you a Kellogg’s fan? They have a brand facebook page to engage on. So head on over and tell them Rants n’ Rascals sent you. You might even find a coupon or two to use for your family!

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