Disney Brave: Preparing your kids for a 3D movie experience


I love the movies! I always have and so it’s no secret that in our house, we do a lot of movie watching. Everything from a good drama to an action packed flick, to a tear-jerker and of course a great family film.

FD and I took the kids to see a pre-screening of Disney’s | Pixar new movie BRAVE, which is one of the many perks I get for working with our fab friends at Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Canada.


Although I can’t share with you my review on the film (absolutely fantastic!) I can tell you that BRAVE will be in theaters on June 22 and you don’t want to miss it, which leads me to the purpose of this post.


Preparing your kids for the 3D movie experience

Going to see a 3D movie isn’t like watching a regular movie. First of all there are funky glasses involved. Some kids don’t like wearing things on their faces and without the glasses, you can’t really enjoy the film much. There is a lot of other things parents might not think of when taking a family trip to the movies.

1.) Go Potty Before the Movie Starts

– it’s essential trust me. Kids are famous for not taking a potty break before going on a road trip. So imagine sitting in a theater, before the movie even starts and hearing “I have to pee!”

2.) Be Prepared to Arrive at least 30 minutes before the movie begins

– the line ups for popcorn and even tickets can put you in the waiting seat for up to forty-five minutes on a busy movie night. So arriving early or even purchasing your tickets online can help make things go a lot smoother so you don’t miss the beginning of the show!

3.) Watch a 3D movie at home before going to the theater

– our son who has sensory issues has a difficult time with 3D glasses, they sometimes cause him to have headaches. Before going to see BRAVE, we rented a 3D movie and watched it at home so that Trace could get used to how the movie was filmed. There is not point spending money to see a movie your kids won’t watch. Also look to see where the film might be showing (not in 3D) in your local area.

4.) Read online the synopsis of the film before taking your kids to see the movie

– this is something many parents don’t do. We simply watch the trailers, but trailers don’t tell us everything. A great resource is IMDB for movie listing new and old. That way you can read to see if there are any scary scenes that might affect your kids.

5.) Be prepared to spend a small fortune and call ahead to plan

– one thing I do now when going to the movies is I call to check out the concession prices for each theater because each theater is different. It will save you a cry-fest if you don’t have enough money for popcorn, treats and drinks, along with whether the theaters offers an alternative to pop like juice or milk.

We had a great time last night watching BRAVE and it’s a film the entire family can enjoy. So make sure you head to the theater on June 22nd.

Stay tuned for our review on the movie after its launch date. I can’t wait to tell you all about it and our take on this new Disney | Pixar release.

What is your favorite Disney | Pixar film? What kinds of preparations do you make when taking your kids to see a movie at the theater?

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  1. My number one prep for my kid before a movie is eating lunch at home and letting him know as a snack he will get popcorn at the movie. Saves a ton of money.

  2. We take our kids to any animated movies that hit local theatres, as we all love movies. Potty before the movie is a great idea. 🙂 I'm not into 3D – it's more expensive and I don't find it makes that much of a difference, especially with the kids and the glasses, as you say. We've done it several times and usually one of our girls loses their glasses (I watched parts of Avatar without my glasses because my daughter had stolen mine…). You can also check http://www.pluggedin.ca/ for good movie reviews (and warnings about scary parts for kids). We put our daughters between us so we can talk them through any scary parts. 🙂 And I can't wait to see Brave. 🙂

  3. Awesome!! Nothing worse than having to move for someone to hit the washroom in the middle of a film. If its a child I completely understand, but if its an adult, I tend to be less forgiving, lol. 😉 No idea what my fave disney/pixar film is, theres so many and they're all cute/funny/crazy in their own right.

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