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The joys of raising a child can be overwhelming at times. Their first steps, to choosing the right baby food, and even coming up with names can be a bit of a daunting task.

As moms we all want what is best for our babies, toddlers and kids. That is why I love that Pampers has created the Mom2Mom series, to help parents discuss and get through the difficult first years of babies life. Β Real moms and real conversations about becoming a parent.

Mom2Mom Series by Pampers – Baby Names


These Mom2Mom Series of videos are absolutely great! We could all use advice, to know we are not alone, and of course get answers to some questions we might have about baby’s development and growth.

The Hospital Check List and Becoming a Mom


We can all relate to those first moments. The panic and fear, the first contractions, what to bring to the hospital. Those moments that lead up to the one final moment baby is put in your arms and realize. You did it! Baby is here and he/she is yours.

Coming home…


I love Pampers series Mom2Mom. There is nothing better than moms and dads sharing their ups and dowsn, their experiences, their fears. If you have questions about raising your baby, parenting or what might work for you and your family, visit the Pampers website.

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  1. That's great that they are offering mom advice to other moms like that. I love helping out other moms when I can and it's nice to get advice from someone else when I'm struggling.

  2. We're out of diapers now (yay!) which means our babies have grown into bigger kids (sob) but you're so right. Parent to parent advice/stories is the best!

  3. I really wish these kinds of resources were available when I had my first child, 15 years ago. I really had no clue what to expect. So great for all those new moms and dads!

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