This Little Sphere Is Playing Around

Earlier this year, I introduced you to Sphero 2.0 an interactive gaming ball that not only aids you in learning and having fun, but is completely programmable. The Sphero was such a huge hit with everyone in the tech and non-tech community and in our house, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the latest innovation — Ollie!

Ollie is the newer and faster remote-controlled robotic, trick-focused toy. It’s the successor to the Sphero and just as much as fun. Ollie is not round like the Sphero multi-colored action ball. Instead it’s a cylinder that has two very cool smooth plastic wheels allowing Ollie to drift, jump, flip and do pretty much anything you program it to.

Like the Sphero it will take you time to teach yourself to use Ollie. Like any good toy, learning how to use the controls and don’t even think about ramps yet. The toys itself can jump higher than you think.


You can also drive your pets insane by making them chase and try to stop Ollie as you move him all over the place. Ollie is built to take a hit, and might get a few scratches on him. But have no fear he can handle it.  

The Ollie is controlled by your smart phone. If you have an Android or Apple device you are in luck and connecting it to the Ollie is a cinch. It can connect via Bluetooth and unbelievably it can travel up to 20km which is fast for a scrolling little toy.  The app for Ollie is easy to use. It uses the same system Sphero does. You put Ollie on the ground, turn the dial until blue light flashes and that’s it. The best part is each time you play with Ollie you get to discover what exactly Ollie can do!


The Ollie is a great device for kids big and small. My boys love the Sphero and Ollie just brings new dimension, twists, turns and capabilities the Sphero doesn’t have. 

The Ollie retails for $99 bucks and is worth it for a robotic type toy that you can spend hours upon hours learning and having fun with it. You can buy the Ollie at Best Buy or Future Shop. It is a great concept and tons of fun. You will become so addicted, trust me but in a good way!


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