Netflix Turbo Fast Brand New Episodes Help You Speed into Spring #StreamTeam


From the moment the movie came out, my son was hooked on Turbo, and when Netflix announced their brand new animated series “Turbo Fast” based on the Dreamworks flick, well he couldn’t have been happier.  And now Netflix has released 5 brand new episodes of Turbo Fast for families to enjoy!


Turbo Fast is about a turbo-charged snail and his Fast Action friends who face dangerous and funny adventures.  My son loves Turbo Fast because there is lots of action, funny characters and they go really fast.  His favorite character is “Chet” the snail because he’s slow and he’s ambulance.

Turbo Fast is done really really well being an original series and I’m grateful Netflix has taken time to create a children’s series that kids can dive into and enjoy.   Aside from Chet, who is Turbo’s brother — there is Skidmark, Smoove Move whose a DJ, Whiplash and Burn Burn who plays Chet’s girlfriend.

There’s nothing better than listening to my son giggle out loud when he’s watching Turbo Fast. It’s the best sound ever, hearing your kid enjoy something he’s watching. Each week Turbo and the gang learn something new, whether it’s about friendship, being brave, or just accepting who you are.

5 Brand New episodes of Turbo Fast have been added to Netflix on April 4. They are about 20 minutes long which is perfect for pre-bedtime.  I love Netflix and that my son has his own profile of kids movies and a favorites list which he can add movies to all by himself. He has Turbo Fast added of course, so when new episodes come out, he’s just a click away from laughter and fun!

A Turbo Giveaway

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  1. Haven’t had Netflix but apparently “House of Cards” is getting good reviews.

  2. Natalie says:

    The last thing I watched on netflix was the latest episode of The 100. I’m completely hooked and I can’t wait for more!

  3. Wanda Bergman says:

    The last show I watched on Netflix was “Downton Abbey”.

  4. Andrea Amy says:

    I’m actually watching Party of Five right this second. Season 2, episode 9 🙂

  5. Erin Wilson says:

    I’ve been watching Breaking Bad!

  6. angela m says:

    The last thing I watched on Netflix was Supernatural

  7. Sarah Stickney says:

    i watched Family Guy in netflix recently

  8. Angela Mitchell says:

    I had a subscription for a couple of months and I really liked Orange is the New Black.

  9. We don’t have Netflix but House of Cards sounds terrific.

  10. We don’t have Netflix but I keep hearing how orange is the new black is a great show!

  11. Danielle says:

    I’d love to try Netflix because I do not have cable and I hear such amazing things about it.

  12. Catharine says:

    House of Cards

  13. I don’t have Netflix, so winning this to try it out would be amazing!

  14. Jenness M says:

    I’m watching House of Cards season 2 right now.

  15. Florence C says:

    I don’t have Netflix but have heard so much about it. I love to see Orange is the new black

  16. I am currently watching Melrose Place on Netflix

  17. I want Netflix because it’ll actually give me the chance to catch up on all my favourite shows and movies. I have heard many wonderful things about Netflix!

    • It’s awesome, saved me lots of money instead of cable. So much to watch with new titles being added all the time.

  18. I’d like to have Netflix because of all the great shows I hear that people are watching on it. House of Cards comes to mind.

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