The Search for a New Home

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I love my townhouse. 4 bedrooms, lots of space, nice back yard that is totally fenced in, huge kitchen, two bathrooms, dining room and office.  And the best part is I only pay $550.00 per month because I’m subsidized.  So you are probably asking yourself why would I want to move then?

Well… here’s one reason.  MOLD!

Image of mold found behind the flooring similar to what is in my unit.

We have been living with mold in our townhouse for quite some time because they are so run down and we have no money to fix them. The co-op doesn’t anyhow.  And it isn’t getting any better.  Let me tell you quickly why.

coopstructureWhen you live in a co-op you elect a board of directors. You are the members and as members you are supposed to have a right on what goes on. We vote as a majority on things like raises in our housing shares, pet policies, maintenance issues and participation.  The board is put in place by us by a vote and we trust in them to do the day to day operations of our co0-op correctly, according to our policies and rules of association and the rules that govern the co-op act of Canada.

Yeah well… that ain’t happening!

  • Things are going on here that are scary and not fun.
  • People are doing midnight moves leaving their shares behind ($1800) that’s a lot of money!
  • People are being billed for maintenance work that either wasn’t their fault or should be the responsibility of the coop.
  • Members are being paid to do jobs they aren’t doing

Example: A neighbor of mine whom I won’t mention asked for a new heater because hers wasn’t working. They came to put it in, found moisture in her walls, blamed her for it saying her washing machine hose leaked, even though she had no water or issues in her laundry room. No water on the hose either. However instead of just getting a new hose, they cut open her walls, causing damage and now are charging her 50% to fix it all, and she’s a senior!

Mostly though, this place is making me ill. I cannot live somewhere I’m being dictated to.  This place is supposed to be a community and it’s not. Nobody talks openly to each other, people just go around making up rules and saying they are doing this and that whether we like it or not.  Add that to the fact I’m suffering severely with illness after illness and vertigo daily.  Monkey has been in the hospital at least four times in the past three months.  And both FD and I feel trapped!

I don’t want to move from my home, the only home my youngest Monkey has ever known.  A home that is close to schools and shopping and my parents.  I don’t want to leave the friends I’ve made here.  But a part of me feels extremely upset and guilty for being stuck in a place that is causing my kids and husband and myself to become ill.

So what’s the dilemma?

  • A new place ranges between $1200 to $1500 per month for a 4 bedroom, which we need due to Corey’s disabilities.
  • Add on utilities
  • Add on a pet deposit which is half a months rent
  • Add on a damage deposit of half a months rent.
  • Plus I have to give two months notice here and pay rent for both those months.
  • We are basically looking at needing at least $3000 to move!

Is there any way out?

I don’t know. I know I need to get out of here. I need out now. I can’t deal with being sick anymore. I can’t deal with the garbage going on in here. The gossip and lies and dictatorship that rules where I live. It’s like I pay to have others tell me what I can and can’t do, and if I don’t follow the rules… who knows.  I’ve contacted some local churches to help, a grant program here in the Fraser Valley and we are saving what we can. But right now it’s so depressing.  I don’t feel like this is a home but at the same time, it’s all we can afford.

I know you’re saying… well why should you give a shirt on what is going on in my life?  Why should this affect you?  Well it doesn’t. I’m just venting.

See that is one thing I have. This place. My real home — my blog. Where I can lay it all on the line, talk about my feelings and share it with … well everyone, even those not wanting to listen.  One day at a time… that’s where I’m at right now.

Have you ever felt stuck? What did you do?


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  1. I used to work in subsidized housing in both co-ops and non profits.

    When stuff like this is happening and you've reported it to property management and gotten no where you need to take the next step up. and there are actually a few options. Go to your region and speak to those in housing services. Also get your local MP involved

    There is emergency funding available especially for things like mold!!!

    Also the other issues some of your neighbours are having need to be reported too.

    remember that the board members only have so much say, your property management is the other half of the problem!

    1. Thanks so much Martina for the advice, however we are governed by ourselves and CMHC our mortgage holder. We have no property manager. However I will look into other areas you suggested 🙂

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