Rant: Mom on Strike: teaching my family values and love


That’s right!  I’m officially on strike this week starting today.  However before you compare me to other moms, like Jessica Stilwell from Crazy Working Mom, who went on strike to teach their family a lesson. My strike is a little different and for different reasons.

First let me start off by saying — I love being mom!

I love spending time with my boys. I love taking care of my family, and this has nothing to do with dishes not being done, help not being given or our home not being clean.  It has everything to do with the appreciation and value or lack of that my boys have not only toward one another but toward their father.

This Mom is Going on Strike to TEACH my family values and love for one another.


As a caregiver to my husband who is a traumatic brain injury survivor, and my youngest who has special needs. One thing I have discovered over the course of our marriage and raising our boys, is that not only do my boys (hubby) included rely on me for the day to day operations of the house.  But they have become very dependent upon me to jump in and make all the rules, help fix the fights, and save the day because none of them work together, talk to one another or trust each other to get through it.  All they do is fight.

Quite frankly I’m sick of it!  So I’m striking.


My strike starts today.  Yesterday when I announced it, of course my family wasn’t happy about my decision. I announced my strike along with my set of demands.

My demands are not harsh. They are simple and easy to follow, with a theme in mind.  RESPECT, LOVE AND TRUST one another to handle day to day life.  And if my demands are not met and I see no improvements. I am going to stay on strike until they are.

I want my husband and boys to trust one another. I want them to resolve their arguments by talking to one another, without resorting to saying nasty and hateful things.  These are simple and easy guidelines to help all of them understand that I’m not here with a striped shirt on to play referee day in and day out.  I’m not here to jump in and blow the whistle.

I know that boys will be boys.  Somewhere along the way though, because I’ve taken on the role of  the mom who does everything, none of them trust each other to help one another.  It’s got to stop. I’m tired. I’m feeling upset all the time by the distention and fighting in my home.  None of them trust each other to help each other, care about each other’s feelings and I’m tired of having the burden of always being responsible for breaking up the fights.

This week my boys (all of them — hubs included) will have to work  together and rely on one another without mom being there to stop the madness. They will have to learn to respect one another, trust each other and hopefully they will grow to appreciate that being part of a family doesn’t just mean being in it.

It means so much more…

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  1. Loving the strike! I have 2 kids 3 and under so I have to come up with some other strike demands 🙂 Since we are expecting a new addition this month I guess I'll be on strike while I'm at the hospital lol

    1. Wow you have your hands ful hun… Congrats on new one coming… yes take the strike to relax and make sure they give in to your demands Dorothy! 🙂

  2. You are so inspirational, you have no idea Jodi! I wish my family could be like this. Unfortunately it's a lost cause for them, hence why I no longer live at home and haven't for the last 13 years! LOL Tired of the fighting and arguing etc. I'm looking forward to an update as well on this! Best of luck mama! <3

  3. I admire you. I work along side amazing physiotherapists who specialize in ABI's. It is not an easy road and with a special needs child as well you have your hands full. It is important for your boys to trust eachother and their father. I hope your strike works. Can't wait for the update.

    1. Thanks so much Susannah. I'm still here of course to watch things, but this is good for me as well, not jumping in and feeling as though I need to fix everything all the time.

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