Spring make-up trends from Elizabeth Arden 2013


If you are looking for natural, cool, light and breezy colors for make-up this spring, you might be disappointed. This Spring make-up trends are going for bold, sassy, eye-catching and vibrant colors to make a splash in fashion.

Eyes that make a statement

One of the hottest colors this spring is making waves, even with Hollywood’s youngest and brightest stars. Teal is the color and I absolutely love it!  No longer are the usual blacks and browns being used to dust lids.  Instead silver, purple, rich blue shadows, hues of pink and even gold are being used to make the whites of your eyes pop and stand out. I find using a q-tip to smudge the color gives a more natural appearance when using a liner.

Teal eye-liner that is catching and bold Courtesy of www.prom.about.com
Teal eye-liner that is catching and bold
Courtesy of www.prom.about.com

When choose a proper liner and shade, check out one of my favorites Elizabeth Arden Eye Shadow Trio, retailing for $38.00 with a matte, metallic and shimmery finish and colors that just pop.  And when using an eye liner, I prefer a bold and thick liner to give me more coverage.  The Limited Edition Iridescent Teal from Elizabeth Arden provides a smoky look that stands out. Retails for $22.00 and worth every penny!

Eye Shadow Tip: “For a soft look that enhances your natural glow, combine the shades as desired, and swipe the color onto the center of the lid moving out. I also love to use these shadows as wet as eyeliners.”

Eyeliner Tip: “For a dramatic look, apply the pencil around the inner rims of the eyes and a fat line on the outer rims. The highly pigmented pencil offers intense color in one, easy stroke”

Nails to match with new Duos

No make-up regime is complete without matching up your nails.  There is nothing better than 2 in 1 nail lacquers.  One to add a bold and vibrant color.  This double-sided polish offers trend setting colors with a professional shine. Elizabeth Arden Nail Duos come in two colors: Teal and Lilac, both amazing. Retail for $22.00

Nail Tip: “Carefully coat the color onto each nail, let dry for a few minutes and finish with the gel-like topcoat. The high shine finish will offer a lasting, salon-quality manicure.”

Lips That Stay True to Color

Finish off your spring collection trend of colors with Luminous Lip Gloss.  Silky smooth texture, rich color.  You want a lip color that hydrates, especially under harsh weather conditions. I like a gloss that provides my lips with long-lasting color and a soft applicator.

Lip Tip: “For more control when applying gloss to the cupid’s bow and center of lips, try using your pinky finger.”

This spring, step up the colors, go bold, showcase your eyes to their fullest potential and don’t hesitate to experiment a little. Spring is about being flirty, active and fun. So allow your style to shine!

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