I’m just a dad who forgets but still a dad


Well I thought since I’m new around here and Joey has been nagging at me to get writing (yeah the estrogen is in overdrive) kicking my ass. I thought I’d take a minute to introduce myself to you all. They call me the Forgetful Dad.

Why do they call me the Forgetful Dad?

They (friends and family who I won’t name) not right now anyhow LOL.  They call me that because I had a motorcycle accident back in September of 1990. From this I received a major head injury and now I forget things almost as soon as I here them or see them.

If you have every seen the movie 50 First Dates you will have an idea of what my life is like on a daily basis. Drew Barrymore’s character has a motor vehicle accident and as a result receives a head injury. She goes to sleep at night and forgets every thing form the day before. This is much like my life.

I go to sleep and wake up not remembering the events of the day before.

How do i live with this you ask?

Well, most days are difficult. I rely on my family for most things as far as my memory goes. We have a family board where everything gets written down. If it is not on there, I do not do it. Of course you have to look at the board in order to see what is going on–LOL.  Some days I don’t even see it there. This can be tough when you are raising kids.

Some times the boys just don’t understand my head injury.

“Why can you never remember Dad?”

I hear this often from my oldest, JJ. He still struggles with it as every one around me does from time to time. My youngest has a head injury as well (CP) but still says this to me once and awhile. I just laugh and say back to him, “Really!”

My head injury is an on going  joke with my family. They bug me me about it and i just laugh. I’m easy going when it comes to it and they tease me with love.  Trace will wake me up in the morning. “Get up lazy brains” which makes both Jodi and I laugh.

I have to switch modes here because that is how my brain works. I’m a HUGE sports fantatic!  I’m sure this drives my wife crazy but I can’t help it. It’s strange what my brain will remember.

“Sorry honey I forgot to take out the garbage or feed the kids but did you know a Canuck game is on?” LOL

I can’t help it. I think it is something inbred into me. I was really into sports before my accident. I played every thing. I ran track and field and coached. I played volleyball, hockey, basketball. You name it and I was involved, much like JJ my oldest son.

Now, because I can’t play. I coach.  I am a provincial referee for BC volleyball and coached the Junior Boys team for Robert Bateman out here in Abbotsford. I made the switch this year to coaching the grade six boys at JJ’s school.

My first two years of coaching the Junior boys we only won one game. This was tough on myself as well as my boys. They where a great group of kids. This past season when I switched schools to coach middle school, we won the city championship. I discovered grade six boys easier to coach and they were a great bunch of kids to work with. I’m looking forward to coaching them again next season.

I did I tell you I’m a HUGE Canuck fan? See I can’t remember if I said that or not–LOL

The Canucks are having a great season this year. They will finish first in the league this year which sets them up nicely for the playoffs and I’m crossing my fingers that maybe this year will be the year we get to taste the cup — once and for all.

I also love Nascar. The Sprint Cup Series is my favorite. I love watching the race on Sunday when I remember it’s on. JJ got into Nascar as well, right after I married Jodi. He knows the numbers of the racers which helps me out as I often forget who is who. It’s also something we can enjoy together.

So that is my life. It is what it is each and every day. I deal with it and I move on. I just wish that some memories would stick, you know? Like my son Trace being born or seeing his first steps. JJ’s first day at kindergarten or getting his first shut out in hockey.  Things like that.

I also wish I could remember my wife’s birthday because the Dog House is lonely hahah.  The kids and their birthday’s or special events are all faded pieces of a puzzle I can’t quite put together. This is what I deal with day in and day out and it is okay with me. I don’t remember what I don’t remember and those thoughts or memories might be gone but that is why it is important for me (my family) to live in the moment and not for tomorrow or yesterday.

Today is what matters the most.

If you try to give peace love and harmony everyday you are on the right track. That’s my motto and I stick to it. So thanks for reading and stay tuned for more from me. I will be blogging or trying to on a regular basis. Jodi has set up a schedule for me and is reminding me to do it. I think it’s a good thing because it will allow me to connect with other people.

Thanks for reading!

Luv to you all!

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  1. Way to go FD! Great first post. Love your outlook and positive mindset, and looking forward to hearing more from you.

    Les Habs all the way. that's okay right? LOL

  2. Yay FD, what a great post! It's such a great outlet for you.

    I appreciate your honesty and explanation of your injury. It's interesting how you've taken on such a positive outlook and live in the moment. This is something we should all do more often!

    Looking fwd to more from you.

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