Hunchback of Notre Dame I & II on Blueray DVD {Can giveaway}


There is something magical about Disney movies that depict not only colorful characters but messages of hope, triumph, understanding, love and compassion. And no movie better showcases these amazing qualities like the Hunchback of NotreDame.

From Disney…

Rediscover the majestic musical adventure of “The Hunchback of Notre Dame” and “The Hunchback of Notre Dame II,” together for the first time on Blu-ray in a 2-Movie Collection! Families can come together and enjoy the extraordinary tale of Quasimodo in a soaring celebration of the beauty inside all of us.

Join the world’s most unlikely hero as he meets his first real friend Esmeralda, while fighting to save the city and people he loves. The legendary story continues as Quasimodo reunites with his gargoyle friends to protect the cathedral’s most famous bell and find true love.

Hunchback of NotreDame Blueray Combo Pack

There is something about Quasimodo that touches my heart and always has. The Hunchback of Notre Dame was first released back in 1996 on VHS (remember those) and I owned a copy. I used to watch it again and again, before I had my kids because there was just something about Quasi that spoke to me.

Bullying in its finest form is just one of the messages The Hunchback of Notre Dame shares with its audience.  How we need to look past the ugliness in this world, that people can be different and that looks can be deceiving. “Never judge a book by its cover…” Quasimodo teaches us that your heart and the love inside of it can withstand anything.

I am thrilled to be adding The Hunchback Notre Dame I & II to my Blueray collection and to be able to share these amazingly wonderful tales with my children. Disney is also giving away a copy of Hunchback Notre Dame I & II (both movies) on Blueray to celebrate its release which hit the stores March 12th, 2013 to one of our readers.


I have one copy of The Hunchback of Notre Dame Blueray Combo Pack to giveaway to one of my Canadian readers! You must agree to my giveaway rules and enter using the form below.

Please make sure the mandatory entry is complete or your entry won’t count. Giveaway will run until March 22nd, 2013 and a winner will be notified via email. Good luck! Look for extra entries : These are not mandatory but give you more chances to win if you follow them.


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  1. I'd give this prize to my son – actually we'd all watch it!

    I did not have a Disney movie collection as a kid; I did have many books though…


  2. I would give this to my son. I had a Disney movie collection when I was young. I also had stories that had records with them, yes records!

  3. I would give this prize pack to my 3 year old son if I won. I didn't have a collection of Disney movies as a kid. Now I am collecting them for my son.

  4. We couldn't really afford VHS movies when I was growing up (we rented) so I am compensating by creating a Disney DVD collection for my kids!

  5. when I was a teenager VHS just game out, we were using Beta's… but as my kids were younger, I did have a collection for them and still have them all on VHS tapes.

  6. By younger if you mean as a young adult 20 years ago, then yes I did lol. I started collecting VHS Disney Movies when I had my first son 18 years ago. I still have them, but of course have quite the collection of DVDs and Blurays now and quite the collection of kids too lol. I now have 5 sons between the ages of 3 and 18.

  7. I would give this to my two sons and yes I did have a collection as a child and I would love to be able to give my children the same.

  8. I would give this set to my newest son. I had my boys 16 years apart and thought I wasn't having any more. So I gave all my oldests disney collection away so this would be great to help restart the collection.. I had a collection of Disney for my oldest and would love to start again ..

  9. I'd either keep it for myself to watch on movie nights with the family or give it to my little cousins. I used to collect Disney VHS movies when I was younger (now doing it for Blu-Ray!)

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