We’re Heading In A New Direction

For the past six years I’ve enjoyed sharing my life with the online world. I’ve shared some amazing product reviews, tips and how-to’s on parenting, life raising a child with disabilities and I’ve learned a lot along the way. But now that my boys are older, I feel that I have outgrown the name rantsnrascals. So, I made the decision which wasn’t easy to take this blog in a new direction.

Coming In 2017 

Introducing Just Jodi Shaw

While I still plan on sharing products that I love with you all. I want to get back to why I started this blog in the first place which was a way to connect with others who suffer from bipolar disorder, self esteem issues, weight problems, being caregivers, special needs parents and every day life. And that’s what I plan on doing with the new relaunch in 2017 featuring (JUST ME) as justjodishaw.com is brought to life.

Out With The Old / In With The New! 


One of the things you will find on my new site is my love of taking photographs and the cameras that help me do it. There’s nothing like capturing a moment in time. I think I love it so much because having a husband with a brain injury, taking snapshots is my way of putting together snippets of lost memories for him. 

Plus, sometimes you can captures the coolest shots when you think you aren’t really seeing something incredible but it turns out you are. It’s my way of ‘smelling the roses’ and taking a breather from hum-drum of every day life. We should all do that. Just kick back, relax and take it all in. Life’s too serious.

I can’t wait t share new stuff with all of you! 

Taking It Slow


Now I know moving a blog isn’t easy. Or rather changing the domain. But I’m sure all of you will be happy with the switch, and trust me when I say we’re going to be taking things at a snails pace. My new site won’t be ready until February 2017. What you see here though won’t change. The theme will be the same. The newsworthy articles, tips and DIY projects will also be coming along. 


What I need you guys to do is jump in the truck and move with us! 

We don’t want you to miss anything. So if you are following us through our social media circles @jpsrants. We would really really love it if you could just (switch) over now and start following us @justjodishaw on PINTEREST, FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM & TWITTER as we get the ball rolling.

We will still be posting here at rantsnrascals.com until the move is complete, but it can’t hurt to start gathering all of you up so this transition is as smooth as possible for everyone.  

If you have signed up for our newsletter. No fear you won’t miss anything. We have all of you packed and ready to go. Just enjoy the ride.

For anyone new here. Thanks for stopping by. We love feedback so make sure you chime in after a post and share your thoughts and wisdom with everyone. Thank you for all the years of support, sharing posts, talking about us with your friends and visits.

Here’s to New Beginnings! 

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