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Back to school is a little less than a month away now, and that means getting things back to a normal routine. Our good friends at #Yop want to help you by asking parents to share their tips and suggestions on getting your teens up for school. My son is starting high school this year and here are some tips that work for us to help motivate him.

A Proper Routine

My son is pretty self-sufficient and responsible. I’m lucky, he’s a great kid. But that greatness I believe came from setting up and sticking to a routine for him. In the summer it’s difficult because bed time becomes obsolite. He stays up late talking to his friends on his cell phone, watching movies and hangs out playing basketball and other sports all day.  By the time school rolls around though, everything changes and his routine kicks in.

  • He uses his cell phone to set alarms for the morning
  • He takes a shower each morning to help wake him up and make him feel refreshed
  • He has to be in bed no later than 10:30 unless he’s got tons of homework
  • He does all his laundry Tuesday and Thursday so he has clean clothes all week
  • He picks out his clothes the night before

i_produit_familleYopEating Right!

This is vastly important when you have kids. My son uses his brain all day long, hopping from subject to subject, studying, playing sports. And he’s terrible when it comes to eating right, meaning he usually skips breakfast.  That’s why I love #Yop!  It’s perfect for teens who say they don’t have time to eat, especially breakfast or a snack to help re-energize them.

Yop comes in a variety of flavours, 7 to be exact.  There’s a new flavour coming soon, Orange Blast which my son cannot wait to try. Both my boys love Yop. My oldest because he hates eating fruit and my youngest because it’s just cool to drink!  Each Yop contains essential nutrients for growing teens such as vitamins D, B12, B2, Calcium and Magnesium.  Yop is also a great source of energy!

Yop Flavors

  • Strawberry
  • Strawberry-Banana
  • Vanilla Tropixs
  • Banana Tropixs
  • Blueberry
  • Raspberry
  • Peach Tropixs

Fun Yop Video!


I love this video, makes me giggle. It is so how teens can be. They are always busy, on the go, hanging with friends and leaving no time to eat properly. #Yop helps take away the morning blues!  Visit Life Made Delicious Facebook Page  to learn more about Yop!

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  1. My kids love the YOP videos! They are too fun! Thanks for sharing your teens routine! I hope my kids are that good when they are older. I'm lucky right now as I leave the house for work before they are up! They are Daddy's problem! lol

  2. Ah I haven't had a YOP in forever! These used to be my favorite as a kid. I remember seeing them at the grocery store last time me and my boyfriend were there. I couldn't believe they were still around. So gonna have to pick some up! Lovin the new flavours!

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