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The holidays are about spending quality time with those we love. In fact, it’s my favorite time of year. Just because Christmas is over doesn’t mean I’m done entertaining either. The New Year is just around the corner, and this year I wanted to switch things up for my family and friends by doing something non-traditional by entertaining over the holidays in a few easy steps. 



Instead of the traditional turkey dinner. I decided to do what we did last year which was a big hit with my family and host a fabulous holiday brunch instead. Along with this comes the perfect setting. Here are some tips and tricks to elevate your own brunch and turn the expected to the unexpected.


Establish A Color Scheme

The key to a great brunch is establishing a great color scheme. You can go fancy or even dollarstore, it doesn’t matter. Just as long as you have two colors that compliment one another. The trend for the holiday season is pairing opposite colors together and then add in a third accent color such as silver or gold. This brings your holiday look to life for your guests. 

Color Schemes You can Try:

  • Mint and blush for a feminine vintage look

  • Plum and teal for a sophisticated and elegant feel

  • Red and Turquoise for a retro look

  • Navy and red, giving a traditional holiday festive look

  • Green and fuchsia to create something bubbly and fun

  • Red and grey fora chic chalet look

You don’t just have to think table decorations either when thinking of these color schemes. Think accent pillows, covers, table linens, napkins and table-runners.

PRO TIP: If you’re hosting multiple parties, you can keep the festive colours looking new and radiant throughout the holiday season by using OxiClean™ Colour Shield Laundry Stain Remover. It helps to fight tough stains (think red wine and gravy) while safeguarding colours.


Set the mood… and table

The dinner table is your focal point for any holiday gathering. So make it memorable. Every table needs the following to reach impact. 

Flow: Don’t over-pack the table with too many decorations. Keep it simple so there is lots of space for bumping elbows between guests, and make sure you can clear room for dessert on the table. 

Flowers: Cut fresh flowers during the holidays are divine. You can even go out on a limb and create your own centerpieces with pine branches and rustic decor. Add some Christmas ornaments over-top a festive table runner. 

Linens: Make sure your linens match your color scheme. Mix and match to keep your meal light-hearted and fun. Use slate marble or wood instead of traditional serving plates. Use vintage dishes and new items for a vintage and yet modern look. 

PRO TIP: If you notice stains once your company leaves that’s easy. Grab your OxiClean™ Max Force™ Foam Laundry Pre-Treater to help tackle even the greasiest spills and stains left behind and put your worries aside




Think beyond the tree

The holidays goes beyond the Christmas tree. Although I focus on my tree of course, I also think about the rest of my house. Try placing small wreaths, photos, bowls filled with ornaments or pine cones around the room. Use a string of lights inside a glass jar to add some sparkle to any room. 


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  1. stick to classic decor so you can reuse the majority of it year to year – the cost of all the disposable decor adds up so invest in timeless pieces – like a wardrobe for your house!

  2. I always purchase a new decoration each year to add to my collection and I eliminate ones I no longer want to use.

  3. I love the color combo suggestions! how perfect (and they can be utilized in many different aspects – photography, fashion, and as per your post, entertaining! …. my suggestion is to pace yourself and do anything in advance as possible. start early and dont forget to breathe!

  4. I keep a “red coloured file” and put all the recipes that I want to use over the holidays in it through out the year. I like make ahead and few ingredient recipes for entertaining so I can enjoy my party.

  5. I do minimal decorations. The tree is our focal point. Makes it easier for us as we don’t have so many things to worry about and put away for next year.

  6. Do as much preparing ahead of time. Put out any snacks for your guests to keep them from getting hungry. Put some decorated and scented candles out and light them just before guests arrive.

  7. I like to decorate with family photos during the holidays.Also I like to use natural items such as pinecones.

  8. I love decorating for Christmas. I let my family help, and the most of everything outside is my husband’s doing. He loves decorating up the yard and outside of the house. My favorite tip is keeping the decoarating fun and warming. I use a lot of wood and natural products to bring in the spirit of Christmas into our house.

  9. I keep decorations to a minimum and the outdoor lights – I put up early in November while it is still warm – don’t have to plug them in but, at least they are up and you are not trying to fight snow and ice to get them up.

  10. I like to stick a pine scented stick into my artificial Christmas tree to give it the pine scent. I also like to decorate minimally because sometimes less is more during the holidays.

  11. Decorate with foods in your dinner table or buffet. Instead of a cheese ball make it in the shape of an upright Christmas tree and roll it in parsley and decorate with bits of peppers or make it in the shape of a pine cone and use toasted almond slices stuck into it to look like the spikes on a pine cone, arrange your veggie tray in the shape of a tree and make ice cubes in holiday shapes for your punch bowl.

  12. (3rd try to comment not using twitter this time ) The key is to have labeled organized containers or decore and xmas linens for easy access and set up following holiday season.

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