Dial Complete Foaming AntiBacterial Hand Wash.


No matter how hard I try, how much I aim to protect myself and the family. It seems inevitable that once the kids are in school they bring home cold after cold after cold.  Runny noses, coughing, fevers and even some trips to the hospital have plagued us all this year. So I decided to turn my attention to using Dial COMPLETE® Foaming AntiBacterial Hand Wash.

It’s a known fact that the best resource against fighting colds is washing your hands. In a given day people don’t realize how many times they pick things up, touch things, use things that have germs on them and then we touch our eyes, mouths and faces causing germs to spread all that more rapidly.

Dial COMPLETE® Foaming AntiBacterial Hand Wash helps knock out germs and colds.


With spring around the corner something you might not know is that germs can spread even more rapidly than in the winter. Allergies and elements of the weather can make colds all that more easier to catch.  And with flu season still running rampant in many cities across Canada, a large number of lab-confirmed cases reported to Toronto Public Health influenza as the main cause of ER visits.

Poor hand washing is the main cause of germs being spread. Imagine your child in class, one child coughs, then grabs your child’s hand to play and BOOM! We’ve got transfer, puke buckets, medicine and trips to the doctor to look forward to from that moment on.

Dial COMPLETE® Foaming AntiBacterial Hand Wash comes from a trusted line of products to help prevent harmful bacteria from spreading through your home, and they are showcased in pretty bottles to go with any bathroom decor you may have.

Some Honest Facts About Dial COMPLETE®

  • The Dial Complete foaming antibacterial hand wash patented formula is over 1,000 times more effective at killing disease-causing germs than other antibacterial liquid hand soaps. It also rinses cleaner than other soaps and kills 99.99% of bacteria.
  • IT EXCEEDS THE FDA’s current OTC drug monograph standard for germ kill effectiveness for healthcare hand wash.
  • It’s antibacterial AND antimicrobial – to kill bacteria and certain strains of yeast.
  • Dial Complete® is as effective at killing germs as hand soaps used in hospitals. But it’s gentle enough for care for even the youngest hands.
  • Dial Complete® was also rated better on clean rinsing, requiring 50% less water than other leading liquid hand soaps.

Dial COMPLETE Foaming AntiBacterial Hand Wash comes in a variety of scents. Spring Water, Cranberry with Antioxidants, Fresh Pear, Original, Fresh Citrus and White Tea.  Dial products can be purchased at all major grocery stores and drug stores, including Safeway, Loblaws, Walmart, Superstore and others.

My boys love using Dial Foaming Hand Wash. Monkey finds it soft on his hands, and fun because it foams up of course. I love using it because it is soft and gentle on my hands and okay don’t laugh but I’ve even used it to wash my face when I’m in a rush. It’s gentle enough and doesn’t cause any reaction to my sensitive skin.



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  1. Great review, Jodi! I'm a Dial fan as well. I haven't tried Dial Complete yet, but will have to! Sounds ideal for this household. *ahem* Four year old daughter and Farmer for a husband…yeah. I need the antibacterial hand wash! LOL!

  2. My father in law is on the hospital with heart problems and my grandmother is in a nursing home as well so I have to be especially careful not to bring along nasty germs when visiting them. I like that these come in the pretty bottles with different scents, I like to change it up a lot!

    1. Wow sorry to hear about your father in-law. My parents are recovering heart attack patients and I have to be careful as well not spread bacteria that's why I love these!

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