Cutest Kids That Will Melt Your Heart

Kids are fundamentally the rainbows of our lives. Each day promises adventure, challenges, ups and downs and smiles. So enjoy them. 


Cute kids are hard to ignore. I mean they are so adorable we just can’t look away. Don’t believe me? Well take a peek at the cutest kids that melt our hearts. 



This little one’s curls are so super adorable. I mean just look at this face. She’s like I know I’m cute but this hat is heavy. 



Awwww babies are the cutest especially when sleeping. Johnson’s has a great app to help your little one fall asleep and get into a healthy sleep routine. I wish they had it when my boys were little snugabugs. 



Toddler years are the most fun. When kids are walking and touching everything. Sure, it can make them a handful but it’s also the most adventurous time for parents.



Teaching kids to share is important. Friendships start over a flower and grow like a garden. These two cutie pies teach us that.



This adorable little elephant wants to know where his peanuts are? 



There’s nothing like catching turtles or frogs in the pond. These two cuties have it going on as they enjoy a sweet summer day.



Day dreaming is important for kids as they grow. Imaginations need to flourish. Wonder what this cutie pie is thinking about?



There’s nothing like being a big sister or brother. I love this pic. Now this is adorable, the way he’s holding his baby sibling and kissing as though baby is so precious. 



Talk about the cutest flower girl ever. This little one could be in anyone’s wedding. So precious and sweet she is.



Contemplation is important especially for a girl and her kitty. Lazy days thinking about toys, the future and playing in the garden.



My favorite picture by far, this little guy screams bring on the weekend he’s ready. 



This is my little guy when he was little. Gosh the days go by so fast, the moments captured only in memory. Make every moment count because you blink and it’s over.

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