Work With Me!

a bit about me…

  • I’m PR Friendly.
  • I love doing product reviews
  • I keep the products I review  (no loaners)
  • Contests are fun. My readers love free stuff.

who I am and what I offer…

One of Canada’s Top Influencers since 2010 — I’m a seasoned family/lifestyle blogger, freelance writer and published author working with brands ranging from LG, OPI to Staples, and Netflix. Listed as one of Vancouver’s top 30 bloggers and brand ambassadors, I’m passionate about family, people, beauty, parenting, and disabilities.

Each brand I’ve worked with is chosen carefully. My focus is to connect consumers with brand information in a meaningful, honest, and authentic way.

I’m actively involved in Social Media Campaigns & Brand Awareness, along with being a caregiver and advocate for Traumatic Brain Injuries and Mental Illnesses.

It’s important to me that the information I share helps to engage, teach and entertain my readers with informative articles, news stories, tips for the home, entertainment and products for everyday family life.

Freelance Publishing Credits Include:
Yummy Mummy
Today’s Parent
Chicken Soup for the Soul: Love Stories
Chicken Soup for the Soul: Divorce & Recovery
Purple Crying Cap
Abbotsford News
Abbotsford Times
CBC Radio
Telus TV
CBC Parent Project
CTV Television
Mom Talk Radio

In 2013 I was invited to be an ambassador and team leader for The Bloggers & Brands Conference in Vancouver and I have been nominated 3 years running for CWA’s best parenting, best lifestyle and best-designed blog.

I’ve been playing with words as a freelance writer since 2004. In 2010, I turned to the world of blogging as a way to connect to other while raising my young son with special needs and being a caregiver to my husband with disabilities. I quickly launched myself as a consumer specialist in brand awareness, working with over 500 + brands worldwide.

My Specialties Include: blogging, freelance, web design, promotions, social media, ambassadorships, branding, advertising, marketing + product reviews & giveaways

services for hire…

freelance writing – articles you need to be written on any topic or subject I’m your gal!

guest blogging – I do accept it but I have fees and articles must be adhered to the tone of my voice and be geared for my readers. I love how to’s and must have’s.

kickstarter campaigns – promotion of kickstarter products, showcasing ideas and the building of engagement through social media and sharing.

social media marketing campaigns – full social media marketing for your products across my networks which include Twitter, FB, Instagram, Pinterest. Linkedin and various others.

gift guide/coupons/discounts – offer to be listed in our annual holiday gift guides each year, sharing of coupons or discount codes with our readers.

giveaways + reviews – endorsements are written open and honestly to share with my readers.

evergreen posts – these are special as they are written for SEO and to engage readers long term. These are not straight up reviews but written in a more natural way with titles such as : 10 ways to keep your house smelling fresh, with links to the products added into the post for longevity that will always aim to be relevant.

store. restaurant. marketing launches – I’m always available to do store, restaurant or marketing launches for your business. This includes attending the event, taking my own photographs, using social media before, during and after the event to bring more awareness to your brand.

I’m a busy girl. mom. caregiver and I get 100’s of emails per day. So please don’t freak out if you don’t hear from me right away. I’ll get back to you somewhere between folding laundry and deciding what to have for supper. Maybe Homemade Mac and Cheese. Sounds good, doesn’t it? YUM!

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