Step Into The Holidays With Something A little Rustic From The Plane & Nail Co and Receive 10% off!

With the holiday season comes a new year, and with the new year comes my change in decor. I’m moving from a more contemporary color and furniture scheme, bright turquoise, oranges, deep purples, to something a little more earthy and rustic, browns, white, black, reds, beige and grays.  I knew that I wanted wood and metal […]

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City of Langley Challenges You! #ActiveMoments

Langley, BC is getting ready for the Grand Opening of their new Timms Community Centre geared to get people off the couches and active. This February the City is promoting health through their #ActiveMoments campaign with the hopes to show people you can be active for at least one hour per day. Personally as a family living […]

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Win A Brighter Smile

Have you ever dreamed of having white teeth? I know I have. Coffee stains, smoking, the things we eat daily all go toward staining the protective enamel on our pearly whites. Medora Dental here in the Fraser Valley has you covered. Right now for a limited time they are offering one of the best giveaways […]

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