Can Marriage Counseling Really Help When Your Marriage is in Trouble?



It starts with a kiss and those squishy feelings. But sometimes over time, stress, bills, babies and other factors can cause a marriage to come undone. Marriage counseling is something many couples don’t even want to consider in trying to save their marriage and yet should.


Many couples are afraid to air out their dirty laundry, especially in front of a stranger. They figure no way can a stranger help, and yet sometimes having someone who is unbiased, professional and able to walk you through and give you the tools you need is more important than anything.


Not all marriages need to fail in order to get counseling. There can be many reasons to seek counseling. Sometimes just dealing with issues and learning the right way to communicate them can go a long way to helping you rekindle things.

What Should You Look for or expect When Seeking Marriage Counseling?

  • Find a good counselor, professional in the field of marriage and relationships.
  • Check your local community for low cost counselors if your job doesn’t provide you one.
  • Find a counselor that is suitable to both of you.
  • Expect to be honest not just about what you feel but with yourself and your own behavior.
  • Expect to hear things you normally wouldn’t and don’t get defensive about it.

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Remember that a loving marriage doesn’t have to be the end of everything. It’s about compromising and being together for better or worse. 


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