Brita Challenges Canadians to Raise Water Awareness

I can’t even imagine not having clean drinking water. I mean seriously. Here in BC we have some of the most cleanest water around. But every day, women and children in other countries spend 200 million hours fetching wter for their families that usually comes from a source with contaminants.

Watch the video below and see how on September 7th Brita® Canada and WE teamed up with students at Branksome Hall in Toronto. The group came together to walk over 10 kilometers, a quarter of the distance many girls and women in developing communities walk everyday to collect jerry cans of water, weighing up to 40 lbs.

The water walk kicked off Brita Canada’s #FILTERFORGOOD campaign to give people the tools needed to help change the world globally, and helped communities of more than 1,800 get access to clean water. 

“I’m hoping this will make people stop and think about the impact their everyday choices or habits can have.” says Sarah Au, Marketing Manager Brita® Canada. “It was really eye opening for us because we struggled walking 10km as a collective group, which is a quarter of the average distance many women and children travel every day in Irkaat Kenya just to get access to water, which is often contaminated, It’s something many of us take for granted.”


Canadian artist Serge Belo from Quebec uses both global water challenges and Canadians’ annual water consumption to create this one of a kind piece by creating an African woman’s face using 600 rain barrels to equal the amount of water used on average but us. It’s quite beautiful to look at, but man it makes you think about not taking our water for granted.

How Can Canadians Help?51lidxuhohl

Right now you can buy three specially-marked Brita® products across Canada and every purchase of a ME to WE Brita® product will provide a year’s supply of clean water to a person in Irkaat, Kenya, decreasing the 40 kilometers many women and young girls in Irkaat walk every day to collect water for their families.

“Clean water is a basic human right, and if we can eliminate the time young girls in Irkaat spend every day on water walks, then we can increase their opportunity to attend school and build a stronger future,” says Marc Kielburger, co-founder WE. “We are proud to partner with Brita and work together to provide people in this community with safe and clean water. Not only are we ensuring the better health of these families, but we are also helping to invest in the future of their children.”

Just Imagine

What amazes me is these girls do this every single day. So having clean water means they will spend less time doing this and more time just being girls. They can go to school and secure themselves a better future. I also think it’s super cool each Brita We to Me product you buy has a tracking code, so you can see how your purchase has impacted these communities globally. 

“We want Canadians to see that simple choices can have a meaningful impact at home and overseas. Brita® is proving that better water can make a better world,” says Au.

Image all the things these communities can’t do without clean water. Shower. Bath. Eat. Brush their teeth. Drink. Cook properly. The list goes on. So let’s give back today and raise some awareness on this issue. Please share this post with family and friends on your social networks. Helping starts by spreading the word. 

To learn more about the We Movement please visit their website

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