Brain Injuries and Concussions What You Don’t Know

It’s the talk of the town (or at least in hockey) which since I’m male that’s my town and where I live LOL.  Ever since Sydney Crosby suffered his concussion, leaving him out of the lineup and at home trying to recover. There has been more and more talk and focus on brain injuries and concussion in sports in both adults and in children.

I have to tell you guys. Frankly I’m glad.

Oh I’m not glad Crosby got a knock on the head that took him out of playing. I’m never happy when a player gets injured.

What I am happy about is the awareness that is being brought out about concussions and brain injuries because it affects thousands of people yearly (more than you might realize.)

I know >>> because I’m a brain injury survivor.

My injury was because of a motorcycle accident but brain injuries come in all forms and for all people, especially children.

My son Trace has Cerebral Palsy. That in itself is a brain injury. He was only 15 mo when he was diagnosed. We believe he suffered a stroke either before or immediately after his traumatic birth. We still aren’t sure why it happened or even how.

Hundred of children each year take a fall and usually when you get a knock on the head, it’s expected you will recover easily. The brain is of course (protected) right?

There are symptoms we watch for as parents: Dizziness, nausea, vomiting, becoming lethargic, double vision and other symptoms.

A concussion is a form of a mild brain injury. And as they stated on Global BC, doctors still aren’t aware why some people who receive a concussion recover quickly and why others don’t recover for years and sometimes never, feeling the symptoms for life.

For kids like Trace recovery is better. Children’s brains are still growing and have a chance to grow and change around the injury. But for someone like myself, my TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) will never improve, get better or really change but only worsen as I get older and time goes by.

I will never remember things again. What I do know is that it’s important >>> this awareness in brain injuries and I’m glad they are being taken more seriously, especially in sports related injuries.  Parents and coaches are becoming more aware that time is needed in order to heal before getting back out there to play.

My oldest son plays hockey. He’s a goalie. Both my boys have suffered concussions at one point or another. As a parent with a brain injury sometimes they give me heck when I demand the rule (helmets must be worn) when riding bikes, skateboarding, roller-blading or playing sports.

It isn’t worth it. The brain is delicate. Not only does it help our bodies function. Helps us walk, talk, hear, move, speak, smell. Every nerve is an electric signal. The brain houses who we are. Parts of our soul that we don’t even know about and the memories that lie within.

Trust me >>> you don’t want to lose that part of yourself.

You’ll never get it back.

And you’ll never be the same.

So play safe!


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  1. I will forever worry about my girls getting hit in the head because I have post concussion syndrome(nothing as horrible and, I'm sure, difficult as your brain injury but it is still hard to deal with). When I was almost 15 I fell out of a cheerleading stunt where they never let go of my legs and hit my head hard on the floor, we weren't using mats. As if it wasn't bad enough it happened in front of most of our school I got a bad concussion from it and spent a week in the hospital. It's been over 4 years and I have a migraine and double vision every day and at this point they have no real hope it will get better anymore. I am glad that more attention is being paid now to head injures in sports because it can really mess up your life.

    1. Wow thanks for commenting Ashley and sharing your story. It's true what you say many people can suffer for years. That's why I'm glad they are bringing awareness to the problem because a big thing many parents do is allow their kids to go back to playing the sport or activity too soon, without allowing the brain time enough to heal.

      I'm sorry you had to deal with it and in front of everyone. I appreciate your comments and hope to chat with you again. 🙂

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