#BB14 big brother heats up this week dan and danielle up for eviction

Okay I don’t know about you but I’m addicted to Big Brother this year.  It has been unbelievably entertaining, mixed with hilarity and some of the most lovable characters ever!  And now after last week’s demise of Mike Boogie, the house is really beginning to heat up.

Frank has horse-shoes up his ar$e!

I don’t know what leprochaun this guy has made a deal with but Frank is one lucky clover. He’s been up on the block almost every single week since the game started and if he’s not wearing the VITO around his neck saving himself, he’s HOH and making plans to kick out the players he wants in order to push himself further in this game. That includes dodging the bullet when Ashley went home.

So whose left playing:

Well there is Shane – Trace wants Shane to win the whole thing. I personally don’t like him. Not because he’s mean or anything but he’s Brittany’s Bitch, which is less than appealing. Shane has a loyalty to her that makes me sick.

Brittany – I can’t stand her. She’s smart though and a good game player but will back stab you in a second and she’s whiny. Plus I don’t know anyone who can put on make-up for that many hours. Seriously just watch the after dark show, that’s all they show her doing – putting on make-up. It’s silly.

Ian – I like this kid. He appears sweet and innocent but I think he might outsmart all the players if he plays his cards right. He brought down Mike Boogie and nobody was the wiser, except the Quack Pack (an alliance formed) that seem to keep him like a lap dog as Brittany calls him which irks me.

Danielle – Loyal to Dan which might just be her undoing. This nurse (whom everyone thinks) is a school teacher isn’t as dumb as she looks, but I don’t think she has the heart to really stab anyone in the back and that’s what you gotta do in order to survive this house.  She’s on the block this week.

Jo – Can’t stand him. I don’t know what it is. I hate how he talks. It’s like I’m watching WWE wrestlers before a big match and they are verbally bashing one another. Joe is loud and thinks he’s special because he cooks. Okay I’m jealous he really can cook but I don’t think that is going to keep him safe.

Jen City – Not sure about this girl. She’s beautiful, love her tattoos, but she’s quiet really and has no formal alliance with anyone. She just sort of lives in the house and plays the game silently.

Dan – I like him, not sure why but I do. He took a beating protecting Ian from Frank and Boogie. He’s arrogant, I’ll say that but he also knows how to play the game. He’s honest and has never made it not known his dislike for Frank. He’s up on the block this week and I just hope either Brittany or Shane get VITO so they can remove both him and Danielle off the block and put up Jo and Jen to go home.

And finally Frank – He could be the one to win the half a million if the other players don’t remove him soon. Frank has evaded every effort from his housemates to kick him out of the big brother house. His southern charm is appealing and I love how honest he is. The only thing that rubbed me wrong was when he had a weak moment and made out with Ashley EWWWWW hurting Ian’s feelings. Not nice.

Dan and Danielle are up for eviction. Shane and Brittany are freaking out and want Frank gone. Frank is safe this week and Ian has one VITO. Who will get the next one?

What do you think of Big Brother 12? Do you watch it? Who do you want to see win it all? For fun leave your comments below.


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  1. It's BB14 (I think it was Dan that originally won BB12; or that was Britney's first season).

    I'm not sure who I'm rooting for – Brit or Dan probably LOL! (They've managed their teams pretty good, and have manage to get some good spin-control). Though latest murmurings tell us one of them is going home this week.

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