10 Back to School Lunch Recipes Kids Will Love

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There are so many back to school posts on products needed for kids such as clothing, books, binders, pens, accessories and more. But what about lunches? What do kids eat? What should they be eating? If you make lunches like we do in our family there are some essential foods we feel kids need in order to learn and grow. So let’s get started. 

1. Apple Chips

apple chips
Recipe from Vittlesandbits

They aren’t peanut butter cookies but Apple Chips are are a delicious snack easy to make and kids love them. 


2. Cheese String Pencils

recipe and photo courtesy moneywisemoms
recipe and photo courtesy moneywisemoms

Unique idea for lunches since kids love cheese strings. Why not dress them up? Easy to make and your kids will love you for taking the time. 


3. Zespri Kiwi Pita Packs

recipe and photo courtesy zespri.com
recipe and photo courtesy zespri.com

Most parents think apples and bananas but my boys love kiwi and these Zespri Kiwi Pita Packs are delicious! Did you know that kiwifruit provides three times the amount of vitamin C found in oranges. Vitamin C keeps kids brains and immune systems strong while it also heals cuts and scrapes from the playground.


4. Garden Pasta Salad

recipe and photo courtesy eatingwell.com
recipe and photo courtesy eatingwell.com

Who says kids have to take a hot lunch? My boys love salad. So why not dress it up a little by adding vegetables they love mixed with pasta they love. This garden pasta salad is divine and very filling for little tummy’s.


5. Watermelon Stars

recipe and photo courtesy onehungrymama.com

Watermelon is Trace’s favorite. He loves it. So do we. But he likes it better cut out in the shape of stars which are perfect for packing in lunches.  


6. Zespri Sungold Kiwi Cups

recipe and photo courtesy zespri.com

This is a great little snack. Zespri Sungold Kiwi is much sweater than gree kiwi which is my kids love them. Did you know that two kiwifruit contain the same amount of fibre as a bowl of bran flakes and fibre keeps kids tummy’s healthy.


7. Homemade Chocolate Spread

recipe and photo courtesy wholesomechild.com
recipe and photo courtesy wholesomechild.com

Yum! That’s all I can say to describe this nut free and school safe recipe. Great for putting on apples or bananas, crackers, bread or celery. It’s truly delicious and easy to make at home. 


8. Pumpkin Gingerbread Snack Bars

recipe and photo couretesy ohsheglows.com
recipe and photo couretesy ohsheglows.com

Just hearing the title of this next recipes is making my mouth war. Pumpkin is delicious and mixed with ginger and oh my gosh! This is a great and may I mention healthy for kids going back.


9. Lunch On A Stick

recipe and photo courtesy tasteofhome.com

No time for sandwiches? No problem. These lunch sticks can be packed with all your kid favorites such as ham, cheese, fruit, bread bits and veggies. Easy to eat and a big hit with the kids. You can even buy reusable skewers plastic and kid safe.


10. Tortilla Rollups

recipe and photo courtesy pioneerwoman.com
recipe and photo courtesy pioneerwoman.com

A huge favorite in our house, my boys devour these. Trace loves tuna mixed with cut up broccoli. I know he’s a strange kid. JJ loves deviled egg with cut up carrots or celery. But you can fill these little suckers with whatever you want. You can even pre-make them and Ziploc them for the fridge for after school snacks! 

So there you have it. Some great snacks and back to school recipes your kids are sure to gobble up and enjoy. Health and nutritious to help growing brains and bodies is important. Good luck going to back to school! 

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  1. I think the watermelon stars were a good idea and MAYBE the cheese pencils but what the heck was this person thinking about that fancy shrimp dish or the kiwi whatever it was. Does this person have kids? Have they even ever been around one? Obviously not!! 99 percent of kids would look at that shrimp dish and say “GROSS!! Also id like to read the note the teachers will automatically send home when you send your child with a pointed wooden stick. Yeah…OKAY!!

    1. My son has taken skewers to school before you can get plastic ones and the dish you are referring to is a kiwi dish and I have two boys who loves kiwi cut like this filled with fruit. There is no shrimp in any of these recipes.

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