American Idol La’Porsha Renae No More Drama Hits Home

I’m not sure if you are watching the farewell season of American Idol. I am a long standing fan, so of course I couldn’t miss the final year of the show, and boy am I glad I didn’t. This past week American Idol hit the top five contestants, sharing their background stories. La’Porsha Renae shared her story and let me tell you that her song and what she went through “No More Drama” hit home for me.

I couldn’t stop crying watching this as La’Porsha talks about her life and wanting love. It’s funny how many of us have been in that place. I was 18 when I met my son’s father. Same situation. He was charming and captivated me, making me feel special and unique. Until he became abusive. 

When La’Porsha talks about not feeling human. Her not feeling like a woman. The pain you can see registered so deep in her heart. The pain never leaves you. I’ve been happily married for 12 years to a wonderful man who is my best friend and soul mate. He helped me find myself. Helped me feel like a woman again. Feel worthy. But the pain of what I went through and those feelings–they are always with you. 

Watching La’Porsha sing “No More Drama” you can feel the struggle, grief, shame, heartache, remorse, anguish and fear breaking free with every lyrical phrase she builds up and up until she releases it all over you. That’s what she does. Like a butterfly coming out of its cocoon. A mama bear fighting for her cub. La’Porsha reminds us all what it is to be human. To be imperfect by nature is in itself a beautiful perfection of sorts. That’s what La’Porsha is when she sings. 

La’Porsha deserves to win American Idol. Not just because she is emotional and performs incredible week after week. But because she is truly the best singer on the show, and it’s a singing competition. She moves you every single time she sings, captivating you and taking you to a place you’ve never been before. She is truly amazing!

Did you watch Idol on Thursday? What did you think of La’Porsha’s song?

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  1. You can feel the passion in her singing. Is surely one of the favorites. I’m not a regular watcher, but I’m sure you’ll update us with the latest news from the show 🙂

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