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Joico StructureOkay so all of you know that last year I got a nasty case of (ahem hair bugs) and did the unthinkable. I shaved my head! It was quite a freeing experience, and I actually didn’t mind my head shaved. What I didn’t like was watching my hair grow back, as this time it grew in different. My hair suddenly has a mind of its own, and styling short hair isn’t as easy as people think. There’s one important thing you need in order to add flare to your hair — and that’s product.

Introducing Structure for your hair — Products that add Flare!

conformStructure Conform Hard Clay — Breaks down in your hands easy and quickly to add texture and separation the way you want. This new product has a natural matte finish, which I love. It looks and feels clean and provides a medium hold. This means no trips to the ER because our boyfriend’s hand is struck in our gorgeous locks.  Just rub it into your dry hair and work it through until you get the style you want. STRUCTURE CONFORM HARD CLAY: 100ml, $21.49


Structure Animate Bodifying Styling Cream — Bring limp, boring hair to life with this unique formula that works your locks in 4 different ways. Boost the body, Add volume, Add Moisture & Shine, and Add Separation and Definition.  This styling cream helps to strengthen the hair by making your hair 2.78% stronger, which is something I love. My hair breaks easily at times so adding power to my hair root is important. It’s also great for all hair lengths, not just short hair!  STRUCTURE ANIMATE BODIFYING STYLING CREAM: 200ml, $19.99



Structure Hair Products Rock! They have products for styling, smoothing, shine, bounce, all hair lengths and types. I also can’t help but really love their logo, and the fact they’ve been the rave lately in many mags and shows. You can check out Structure online by visiting their Facebook page  for the latest in styling products for your hair.

What products do you  use for your hair when styling?


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