2015-12-19-03.12.21Sometimes being a mom means wearing storm trooper glasses.

Hi, I’m Jodi. Living life in the Fraser Valley with my hubby and best friend (Forgetful Dad) We call him that because every night my hubby goes to sleep and forgets what happened the day before. It makes life interesting, living with a TBI survivor. I am mom to two boys almost 7 years apart. I love the Valley. The rich open land and beautiful surrounding mountains. Plus Vancouver is just a short hour and half away! 


In 2010 I gave birth to our youngest son. Born with disabilities, I was forced to quit my jobs and be a stay at home. That’s when I fell into blogging. It was a way for me to connect with other parents raising a special needs child. Now I have the best job in the whole world, working with brands, doing product reviews and getting to do what I love each and everyday which is write. 

When I’m not writing, I can be found snuggling with my boys watching movies or playing on the Xbox. Shopping around town at thrift stores looking for anything unique to add to our home. Or sitting back with a glass of wine and cheering on my favorite team The Vancouver Canucks or binge watching Netflix. 


– Horseback Riding

– Optimistic Pessimist

– Christmas

– Dogs and Cats

– Wine over Beer

– Doing my own nails

– Angels

– Transformers & Anything Marvel

– One Day At A Time

– Long Drives in The Country

– School Supplies

– The Way A Real Book Smells

– Family BBQ’s

– No socks

– Venti Java Chip

– Jesus Food

– Slurpees

– Silver over Gold

– Turquoise

– Sand Between My Toes

– Country Music

– Pick-up Trucks

– Afternoon Naps

– Bingo

– Swimming

– Parades

– Calla Lilly’s

– Fat Pants

– Pasta with Cheese

– Glee

– Nicholas Sparks

– Flip Flops

– Fat Burger

– Summertime

– Dancing in The Rain

– Babylips Lipbalm

– Anything DIY

– Ikea Hacks

– Lady & The Tramp

– Pepsi over Coke

– Singing in The Rain

– Pina Coladas 

– Keith Urban

– Aceepted

– BBQ Steak & Veggies Kabobs

– Driving at Night

– Star Wars

– Nelson, BC

– No Fly Zone

– Bike Riding with the kids

– Marshmallow Fights

– Anything with Peanut Butter

– Monkey & Bear

– Hot Wheels

– Lying Under The Moon

– Princess Camping

– Short Hair

– Vampires & Werewolves

– Reese Sticks

– Disney Movies

– Dishes over Laundry

– Rings on Each Finger

– Fiery Temper

– Short Stack

– Rustic Farmhouse Decor

– Industrial Metal

– Baking over Cooking

– Romance Writing

– Holidays

– Old Navy

– Snowglobes

If you want to more about me or how to team up and partner with me. Email me at justjodishaw@gmail.com