Abbotsford Plus-Size Bidding Wars – Beautiful Clothes for Curvy Gals


I’m a curvy girl. I wear mostly a size 18 in pants, size 1x or 2x in dresses and tops and I’m short to boot, so finding clothes that fit for a bargain is extremely difficult for me.  That’s why I’m so thrilled today to tell you all about one of my favorite Facebook Groups – Abbotsford Plus-Size Bidding Wars.

What Is Bidding Wars?

Okay well if you haven’t been on a site like this, it’s pretty straight forward. People auction off clothing, accessories, purses, shoes, belts, make-up, nail polish, anything that makes the outfit stylish.  They choose a starting bid, and members come in and bid on the items.  Most auctions run 24 hours, but some items can be purchased for a BIN (Buy It Now) Price. If you click BIN the auction is over and the item is yours. If you bid on it, and have the highest bid at the end of the auction you win the bid.  Then you set up a time to pick up the item from the seller. That’s it!

Quality Clothing at More Than Reasonable Prices!

One of the main things I love about Abbotsford Plus-Size Bidding Wars is that most items have low starting bids. You can pick up a gorgeous blouse for $4 bucks, or a cute summer dress for $12.  And many of the items are from brands that you know and love! I love browsing through the auctions, new stuff is added daily. There are cute purses, shoes, make-up (brand new) and other goodies that I would pay almost double in the stores for.

Sell Your Stuff & Make Some Money!

Another great thing I like about being a member of Abbotsford Plus-Size Bidding Wars is that I have items I don’t wear anymore and don’t want to just throw them out. So I take a picture of what I want to get rid of, pop up my post, throw out my starting bid and make a few bucks selling my used clothing that someone else will bid on win, and love!  How perfect is that?

If you are looking for great clothing, accessories and other items to make your outfit pop and want to be a member of Abbotsford Plus-Size Bidding Wars — head on over to their Facebook Group Page and click on Join!  Don’t forget to tell the moderator Ashley, a wonderful girl that we sent you.

Happy Bidding!



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    1. You join the group then start selling but you have to live in Abbotsford, pick up has to be local. You post your pic of what you are selling for clothes, your starting bid SB: 2, 4, 6 bucks or whatever you want. Bidders bid and win after 24 hours.

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